Internet Explorer Issues Resolved

Posted by Aaron West at 9:45 AM in Blogging

I played around with the CSS definitions and have finally solved the layout problem visible when using Internet Explorer. Apparently, one of my padding settings on the sidebar was causing IE to wrap the entire sidebar content below the main blog entry content. I'm not sure why IE was doing this as the CSS was valid and all the widths, padding settings, and margin settings were correct given the overall box model. Regardless, things should look fine in IE now. What a headache.

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2 Responses to Internet Explorer Issues Resolved

  1. Steve


    I'm also having this problem with Explorer wrapping the sidebar. You can see on my site, Do you remember, specifically, what padding setting you adjusted?

    Thanks a lot.


  2. Steve, the padding setting I adjusted was related to the width of one of the sidebar classes. Since I completely reorganized the CSS that came with the version of BlogCFC I run (3.9 I believe) I can't tell you exactly which one to edit. Just check each of your padding settings on any classes that correspond to your sidebar.