Over the course of the summer I taught a ColdFusion MX 7 certification training course in conjunction with the Nashville ColdFusion User Group. The 11-week, 22-hour course covered every topic related to ColdFusion MX 7 using Ben Forta's Certified Developer Study Guide as the base course text. Throughout the course, I lectured on the topics covered in Ben's book with a strong focus on my own coding examples and demonstrations. The course started with 14 developers - all from the general Nashville, TN area - and by the end, we still had 11 of those developers attending almost every weekly session. I must admit that going into the course I was concerned about how committed the participants would be. Attending weekly sessions at 2 hours each, over the full duration of the summer is no easy accomplishment. Nevertheless, the majority of the attendees showed a real dedication to their own advancement and passion for ColdFusion by attending nearly every session.

The class was truly a learning experience for both my students and myself. This was the first class I had taught with such a lofty goal - teaching advanced CF developers everything they need to know to pass the official ColdFusion certification exam. Now, several weeks after the class has ended, the participants are starting to take the test.

This week, three of them became the first in the class to get certified. Brett Davis, Justin Pierce, and John Wagner are now Nashville's newest Certified ColdFusion MX 7 developers. Given my personal investment in their education, I'm very proud of all three of these guys. Of course, I'm not surprised in the least to hear news of their success as Nashville has some very talented ColdFusion developers. If you don't believe me, just make it out to one of the Nashville ColdFusion User Group meetings and see for yourself.

Over the next few weeks I hope to hear more good news from other class participants. And, given the success of the training course it's likely we'll be holding more. Next time though, the class will most likely be taught by a panel of ColdFusion experts, including some of the new certified developers from this summers course.

NOTE: As more developers from the course get certified I'll post the results here:

Certified Advanced ColdFusion MX 7 Developers (in Nashville)
Brett Davis - November 2005
Justin Pierce - November 2005
Dennis Roberts - November 2005
Andy Mathews - May 2006
J.J. Merrick - June 2006

Certified ColdFusion MX 7 Developers (in Nashville)
John Wagner - November 2005
Tim Kucejko - November 2005
Shawn Oden - November 2005
Emerson Harris - December 2005

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