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Posted by Aaron West at 9:12 AM in Blogging

This morning I came in to work and checked the blog on IE/Windows and discovered things weren't as they should be. My personal dev machine is a Powerbook with no Windows software installed so all my testing was done in Firefox. If you're viewing from Internet Explorer I apologize for everything looking crazy. The entire blog _should_ be centered on your screen and all the pods in the sidebar should be aligned to the top and centered in the sidebar background. I'll take a look at this tonight and see if I can't figure out what's going on. I know Ray Camden isn't having the problem so perhaps I'll consult him.

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  1. Raymond Camden

    I do have problems with IE at times. If I write a line that is too wide, long a long URL, it can break the sidebar pods and push them below all center content.

  2. Yea, I've seen that on a few BlogCFC sites. My layout problem is some general issue with IE not reading the CSS declarations right. Steven Erat is having the exact same issue on his blog.

  3. Steven Erat

    I've discovered that when something in a specific blog entry is too wide for the body width as defined by the stylesheet(s) the menu bar will be pushed below the last blog entry at the bottom, and only in MSIE not firefox. In my particular case, I've attributed this problem to either be a table or img tag that is specified for a width that is almost equal to, equal to, or greater than the css body width. For this reason, I try to have images or tables that are not specified as 90% or greater of the body width. For example, my style puts the body width at about 700, so I try to not have images or tables greater than about 600 or 650 if I must specify the width attribute.

    Since I almost never use MSIE, I sometimes don't realize when I make a blog entry that throws off the appearance.

  4. Raymond Camden

    Steven - that is exactly what I'm seeing as well. It is a real pain in the rear for sure.

  5. Raymond Camden

    Forgot to subscribe. :)

  6. Steven Erat

    I found my blog entry that was throwing off MSIE. In the SELinux RHEL4 entry I had a command line shown in a gray, new courier font that showed up larger in MSIE than in Firefox. The large font in MSIE made the command line push the body width which caused the menu to go to the bottom.

    When I see the problem, I view each blog entry independently, and I can usually narrow it down to just one blog entry. On your site, I notice that every blog entry has that behavior so I think there is something about tables/divs in layout.cfm or stylesheet problem that's causing the problem for you since it seems so global.

  7. Steven Erat

    Another thing, clear the MSIE file cache each time you test your changes. MSIE might continue to show the "bad" behavior even after you've corrected it. I just noticed that when I went to double check my changes after commenting here I found that it looked broken again. I cleared the cache and refreshed and it was looked fixed.

  8. Thanks for the notes Steven, I'll check my entries and see what's going on.

  9. After checking out the stylesheets, I fixed the problem by altering a margin setting in the sidebarcontent class. I'm not sure why this was an issue to begin with as all the widths, margins, and paddings were within the constraints of the overall box model. Nevertheless, things look fine in IE now.