Finally, after a week of preparations and changes I've switched my DNS entries to HostMySite. I've been on a great host for over 5 years but in order to stay current with the latest version of ColdFusion it has been necessary to find a new provider. After doing a bit of research and talking with other CF developers I chose HostMySite's Linux Builder+ plan. After moving my general site files (and updating some pages therein) I began moving my blog from Greymatter to Ray Camden's excellent BlogCFC. Ray's blog is set up very nicely and was very very easy to install. I had initially installed MovableType but after huge headaches and hours of attempting to import my three years of posts I decided to give BlogCFC a try. Skinning the blog was definitely the most time-consuming. I downloaded the base Aura skin and had a version of my new blog up in no time. After looking through the CSS files for Aura and feeling like the code was a little bloated (lots of unnecessary CSS classes and ID's) I decided to build my own version of the skin.

The basic look of my skin is not unlike other Aura skins out there (see Steven Erat's blog and Ray Camden's blog). However, my skin does not make use of the 4 CSS stylesheets and all the directories that come with Aura. It's much easier to grasp and it's very easy to make changes without getting lost in the CSS. Not being a designer it took me a painful amount of time creating all the image slices and getting everything to line up. And, I'm not done yet. I still have to create a footer graphic to round out the bottom corners. The work was well worth it though and I'm very happy with the new look of the blog (and my new host)! Now, users can subscribe to my various feeds through RSS 1.0 and 2.0 (see the RSS pod in the sidebar to the right). Comment posting and e-mail subscriptions are also now available. All-in-all, I'm excited to have a fresh new blog up and I'm excited about now being on ColdFusion MX 7. With all these changes you'd think it was the new year or something!

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