B-Line Express releases BLDoc Beta 1

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Chafic Kazoun and company have released BLDoc, an ActionScript 2.0 documentation generation tool. Built in .NET the tool runs natively on Windows (assuming you have the .NET Framework installed) but can also run on *nix variants (Mac, Linux) using Mono.

I grabbed a copy of BLDoc and installed it on a Windows 2000 Professional machine with tons of AS2 code. Opening up a command line and pointing BLDoc to a source folder of *.as files I was able to get my first bit of generated documentation. I had the tool generate HTML documentation, but it also supports Flash Help Panel and Intrinsic class documentation. Without making any changes to my *.as files BLDoc successfully documented all items related to my classes including the inheritance chain, static/instance properties, static/instance methods, etc. into a 3 frame (HTML) browser window. Quite nice!

I also tested the Intrinsic documentation abilities and was impressed to see BLDoc automatically create my Instrinsic classes complete with function declarations but minus the function body. Which, if you didn't know is exactly what Instrinsic classes are. Instrinsic classes are another subject though. That BLDoc comes with 9 pages of concise, well-written documentation is not to be shrugged off. While it could use a grammatical once-over, the information given within is more than I've seen in competitor products. I'm pretty excited about the benefits BLDoc has the potential of bringing to the Flash development table. If you're a member of a Flash team writing lots of AS2 code or just an individual programmer in need of a good, solid documentation tool you NEED to check out BLDoc.

You can read more information about BLDoc and download it here.

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