Mach-ii Web Application Framework

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Those who know me are aware of my general indifference regarding the Fusebox methodology. I've used it, mainly for editing Web applications built by other companies and/or ColdFusion teams. However, when building applications where I'm the "one-man-show" I prefer to roll my own framework. This practice works for me and it has proven to help me develop dynamic Web sites (in ColdFusion) faster and more effectively. Having said that, I've been hearing a good bit about Mach-ii. Several discussions have erupted on the CFDJ list concerning the Mach-ii framework and I've spoken with some other developers who are starting to take a look at what Mach-ii has to offer.

So, I've decided to lay aside my general dislike of Fusebox (Before Mach-ii was Mach-ii, it was slated to be the latest release of the Fusebox methodology. Discovering there were more differences that similiarities the team decided it was best to create a "new" methodology.) and take an in-depth look at Mach-ii. Over the next couple of days I plan on giving the framework a complete review and will also take a stab at converting some of my own applications to Mach-ii. Check back here for information regarding my findings, and particularly likes and dislikes.

If you haven't already taken a look at Mach-ii and you would like to, you can visit the official Mach-ii Web at: http://www.mach-ii.com. If you would like to e-Mail me regarding your take on Mach-ii, feel free to do so. You can e-Mail me at trajik210 AT Google mail.

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