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I started yesterday morning in a minor panic. I woke on my own just before 8:00am and my first session of the day was Ben Forta's at 8:30am. Through an amazing bit of luck I made it to the session on time. Ben's hand's on presentation "Structured Development, ColdFusion Done the Right Way" was awesome. I've heard Ben speak many times but never in person. While the content of the meeting wasn't really advanced it was nice to finally meet Ben and be involved in one of his presentations. Ben is an amazing speaker, for many reasons, and I encourage anyone to go and hear him speak whenever possible. The overarching theme of Ben's session was strategies on separating business logic from presentation logic. Ben covered many ways of approaching this separation using CFC's. Probably the most valuable information Ben shared involved persisting CFC's in the Application, Session, and Server scopes. Additionally, Ben spent a fair amount of time on using CFC's as Objects. Calling CFC's as Objects, having CFC's return other instances of CFC's etc. It seemed to me that most people were not aware of these uses of CFC's, but after hearing Ben they were excited about changing their coding habits. In the MAX pictures for Tuesday you'll see some shots of me and Ben and also one of me, Ben, and Calvin Ward.

My second session "Best Practices for Developing Flash Applications" was not what I expected. I was expecting a more advanced session covering AS2 coding strategies and other programming concepts but none of that was included in Nigel Pegg's presentation. Nigel was an interesting presenter but I walked away having laughed more than I learned. Which, given the cost of MAX, was unfortunate.

The keynote for Tuesday was pretty cool but most of the information given out was already public. At least, if you had seen the video from the Flash Tokyo conference it was. There were various presentations on Macromedia's vision and product strategy as well as information on deploying applications across mobile devices.

Rob Brooks-Bilson's "Coding for Scalability" session was really nice. Rob did a really great job discussing many issues regarding ColdFusion performance, scalability, and reliability. He focused mainly on scalability and how there is a correlation between the level with which a CF application is planned and the level a CF app achieves scalability. Rob touched on the use of load testing tools to put a ColdFusion application through it's paces under simulated load. He also covered several strategies on caching queries and page level caching. Finally, he discussed coding tips regarding recursion, timeouts, and locking. This was my first time hearing Rob speak in person and he definitely lived up to his high reputation. Great job Rob!

My last session "Using the CSS Box Model for Page Layout" was not entirely what I expected but it was definitely worthwhile. It mainly focused on building a CSS layout in Dreamweaver. I don't really use Dreamweaver too much but I still found the session informative. In fact, we built an entire layout in a hands on excercise that demonstrated several features of CSS-design in Dreamweaver MX 2004.

Overall it was a great day. You can check out the various pictures I took by viewing the MAX 2004 photo gallery here:

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