Macromedia MAX - 2004 Monday

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The continential breakfast offered by Drury Inn & Suites was really good this morning. The sausage biscuit and eggs hit the spot. After breakfast I made my way to the Ernest N. Morial convention center. I had an idea to take a picture of the building where all the MAX festivities were taking place but since the convention center is likely more than a mile in length it's not going to happen. I am amazed at how large this building is; it's likely the largest building I've ever been in.

Much of todays Community College events contained information that's covered under non-disclosure, so unfortunately there's not a lot I can share. I will say, to start, that it was a very productive day! Jennifer Taylor started things off right presenting on Dreamweaver MX's new release code-named "Coltrane." There are some pretty interesting things happening in the Dreamweaver camp specifically some ehancements that will make HomeSite fans happy. Many HomeSite users have struggled to convert to Dreamweaver and understandably so. Others continue to work with HomeSite for good reason, they're familiar with the product and have a significant amount of resources they've created within the IDE. If you're happy with HomeSite there's no real compelling reason to switch to Dreamweaver but the new release will definitely give developers more of reason to investigate the product.

Following Jennifer and company, Tim Buntel, Product Manager for ColdFusion, spoke on some of the features of Blackstone. Even if I could divulge information regarding Blackstone it would take more space than this blog has. Tim did a great job presenting. If you'd like more information on Blackstone, visit Macromedia's Blackstone page which is located here.

The afternoon sessions were kicked off with Vinnie Holman presenting on Corporate Communication Skills. I got a lot out of her session and wished she could have had a full hour instead of just 30 minutes. The last part of the day involved a quick session on using Breeze Live as a presenter, a Team Macromedia break-out, and then a round table discussion on many different topics. It was a great start to what should be an awesome week in New Orleans. Tomorrow, the regular sessions start. I'll be starting the morning off right with a ColdFusion session with Ben Forta on Structured Development.

As far as pics are concerned I don't have any for today. I carried my camera with me all day but never shot one photo. I guess I was constantly talking with people or busy in sessions. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get more time to take pics.

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