Macromedia MAX 2004 - Sunday

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I was sleeping really well when the alarm sounded at 5:30am this morning. I would have been more than happy perpetuate the hit-snooze-sleep, hit-snooze-sleep routine, but we had a couple hundred miles to travel before arriving in New Orleans, LA. Fortunately, the car was already packed so we were able to shove off rather quickly. We pulled out of the neighborhood at exactly 6:00am, neither one of us talking very much because we were so sleepy. Immediately apparent was the complete lack of traffic on the interstate. Traveling on Sunday early in the morning is definitely the way to go!

Sometime around 9:00am we crossed the Alabama / Tennessee state line. Lindy snapped a few pictures for a scrapbook she plans on putting together after the trip. We stopped for lunch in Meridian, Mississippi at 12:00pm and decided on Wendy's. There was a cute little girl with her parents in the booth next to us. I think they called her Abbrey. She kept turning around smiling at us and immediately sank in her seat when we returned the glance. Lindy guessed her age at 12 months. The next 200 miles were pretty boring - heading South through Mississippi towards Louisianna. We reached downtown New Orleans at about 2:45pm which put us right on time given our estimation of a 9 hour drive. Check at the Drury Inn and Suites was at 3:00pm but we wanted to make sure our room was ready before arriving. We decided to kill some time and head down to the bay to look at the cruise ships. The riverwalk was hardly spectactular and basically uneventful. We saw only one cruise ship, a Norwegian, but that was at a distance. You couldn't get anywhere near it. Running the length of the riverwalk was a multi-level mall. It was very similiar to a strip mall except this one was all in doors. You could however walk outside at times to view an overlook of the Mississippi river and get a glance at the cruise ship(s). Discouraged from not seeing any ships up close we decided to head back to our car and make our way to the hotel.

The Drury Inn and Suites is a pretty nice hotel. Probably not a 5 star by most peoples standards, but it's relatively close to the Ernest N. Morial convention center and it was by far the best price we could find. Internet access is supposedly high speed but I'm not impressed. I wish the rooms and/or the hotel lobby's had wireless connectivity, but I guess having anything is better than having nothing. Lindy and I unpacked all our bags and then I decided to have a look at the days pictures. Soon, we began to get hungry so we started to talk about dinner. We had several places that we were interested in visiting but in the end we decided on something rather close and inexpensive (when compared to the rest of the eateries here), the Hard Rock Cafe. The drive to dinner took us very near but not exactly through part of the French Quarter. Man, there are some weird people down here. Being Halloween may have had something to do with it, but still, you see some odd things here you won't likely see anywhere else. After Lindy's Fajitas and my BBQ ribs we've settled back into the hotel and are ready to call it a day. Tommorrow will be a rather long day for me so I want to be sure I have all the rest I can get.

I've posted some pictures from todays drive and arrival in New Orleans. As the week continues I'll be uploading additional galleries. You'll be able to view everything from this link:


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