TrajikPlayer v2

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I've released version 2 of the FlashMX based MP3 player I've dubbed "TrajikPlayer." All of the bugs found in version 1 are fixed in version 2. Also, there are significant enhancements that come with the new player the most major being the new playlist functionality. I'm only supporting one playlist at a time on this site, but with the addition of some simple code you could have multiple playlists on a Web site and allow users to pick which playlist they want. The only reason I decided not to provide this type of functionality on TrajiklyHip is because I don't want a lot of MP3 files on the server.

If you are interested in having the player on your Web site feel free to give me a shout. I'm not giving the source code away, but you can purchase a license to use the player for a minimal fee (in which case you will receive a zip file of everything you need including the FLA). If you want to see some examples of the player in use (other than on this Web site) check out the following Web sites. Both may not have the player available today, but they are working on getting their version up.

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