Announced the morning of August 5th by Macromedia, ColdFusion MX 6.1 (aka RedSky) is available to current ColdFusion MX customers. Some ColdFusion experts are calling this release of ColdFusion the best release ever. Of course, someone says this about every point release of ColdFusion. Below are some bullet points regarding this release and following that are links you can use to get more information about the release or download it.


  • The upgrade is FREE for current ColdFusion MX customers only.
  • ColdFusion 4.5 and 5 users can purchase the upgrade.
  • CFMX 6.1 is available in 2 editions - Standard ($1,299US) or Enterprise ($5,999US per 2 CPUs).
  • CFMX 6.1 now includes JRun.

TOP SELLING POINTS (according to Macromedia)

  • CFMX 6.1 is 2.5 times faster than ColdFusion 5 and nearly 20 times faster than ColdFusion 4.5.
  • CFMX Enterprise 6.1 allows users to increase reliability with support for multiple instances.
  • The Enterprise edition now includes a bundled version of JRun 4.
  • CFMX 6.1 makes migrating from previous releases easier with increased backward compatibility and simplified installation.
  • CFMX 6.1 adds key enhancements to email integration, HTTP integration, and web services.


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