FlashMX Audio Bit Rates

Posted by Aaron West at 1:27 PM in Flash

I ran into an issue recently where Flash was playing audio files at more than twice the speed of the original recording. After doing some digging I discovered that Flash only supports audio files that are recorded at certain bit rates. If you are using a sampling rate that Flash does not support, Flash will resample the audio when you publish the movie. This causes the audio to sound like a choir full of chipmunks. The solution is to use only the specified (and hence supported) bit rates.

Flash supports sampling rates that are multiples of 11 KHz. I don't know much about audio, but that sounds silly to me. Why 11 KHz? Anyhow, you want to stay away from bit rates such as 8 KHz, 32 KHz, etc. I know this applies to MP3s pulled into a Flash movie and I believe this would also apply to sounds exported from the library into a sound object (although I haven't tested this last hypothesis).

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