Certified Macromedia Flash MX Developer

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That's the title imposed on me after returning this morning from the official Macromedia Flash MX Certification exam. I didn't plan on taking the test when I did, but was in a hurry due to a testing voucher expiring. I registered for the exam yesterday, spent some time studying last night, and passed the exam today.

So how was it? I'll admit, it was tough. Merely reading a book or two on FlashMX will not get you a passing score on this test. You really need to have some significant experience working in FlashMX and programming in ActionScript. The test was very thorough in weighing your ability to use all of the concepts in FlashMX. From simple ActionScript, to OOP, to working with external files, to XML, you need to know as much about every topic in order to do well. I don't think the test was insanely difficult, but you most certaintly need to know your stuff.

I recommend you check out Certified Macromedia Flash MX Developer Study Guide. This book claims to have in it everything you need to know to pass the exam. I read the entire book in one sitting (200+) pages and honestly, it only helped a little. Don't get me wrong, it's a great book, but experience is what counts on this test.

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