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When you don't have a full-time job you find yourself with a little extra time. A friend and I have collaborated on a small project to put Macromedia's Contribute through its paces. In an effort to do this, we downloaded the trial version of the software and set up a "playground" of sorts off of my Web site. I created a sample Web site by hand-coding the HTML in ColdFusion Studio. I then uploaded the site to my domain and configured Contribute to work with the site. Next, Michael and I made some changes (from our respective homes) to the site by using only what's available in Contribute. We didn't touch a bit of code, we didn't edit a stylesheet, and we didn't have to launch an FTP client to upload our changes. While Contribute has a relatively small target audience it does what it is designed to do very very well. I will highly consider using it on any future static Web sites that I develop or deploy. Has it lived up to its promise and ended the hassle? For the right set of users the answer is: "Definitely."

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