Macromedia Releases FlashMX 2004 Update

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Today, Macromedia announced they have released the awaited patch for FlashMX 2004 and FlashMX Professional 2004. The plan to release this patch was announced a few weeks ago and since then the Flash community has been asking questions, prodding for information, and waiting patiently. Wait no longer...

Who needs the patch?

The patch is needed by anyone using the English version of FlashMX 2004 and FlashMX Professional 2004. Those who purchase the French or German version within the first two weeks of product shipment will need a small update. The small updater required for these localized versions fixes two problems and is only about 1% of the level of the English updater. One way to tell if your version of FlashMX 2004 or FlashMX Professional 2004 has been patched is to look at the version number on the splash screen during launch. If your version is NOT patched it should say 7.0. Most patched versions will indicate the version as 7.0.1 while some localized versions may list 7.1.

What's offered in the patch?

There are two main focuses in this patch. First, is product documentation. Many developers complained about the lack of documentation in Flash concerning new features, deprecated features, new components, and the like. Approximately 3 megabytes of documentation is included in the patch (that's 3MB of text folks). The second focus is bug fixes. I won't mention the exact number, but rest assured that there are MANY bug fixes in this patch. Also included in the patch are some extras including updated components and a new data connection wizard that walks you through setting up a data connection using the various data components.


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