IE Changes To Cause Problems/Headaches

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This topic has floated around all Web-related forums and lists over the past couple of weeks. Microsoft will unveil new security measures in a future version of Internet Explorer that may cause problems for Web sites using ActiveX components. These components include any of the following: Macromedia Flash, Authorware, and Shockwave, Sun Java, Apple QuickTime, Real Networks Real, Adobe Acrobat and other ActiveX controls. Basically, anything that you might include on a Web site using the OBJECT tag. What the new security measures entail, is that certain implementations of ActiveX controls on a page will cause the user to be prompted with a dialog message asking them if they want the control to run/load. Naturally, this behavior is not what you want your users experiencing. Apparently there are ways to work around this issue. I'm most interested in how to make my Flash movies work seamlessly with the browser and Macromedia has released information that should help.

To read up on this topic you can visit Microsoft's information page on the new version of IE.

And here are some links to information Macromedia has published on the issue.

UPDATE: 10.23.2003

Macromedia has published a Breeze presentation on this subject. It's very brief, provides a general overview of this issue, and is worth looking at if you don't want to filter through all the information on Macromedia's Web site. Click here to view the presentation.

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