Are you that much into Star Wars?

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I've noticed over the past week or so that I'm not blogging near as much as I expected I would. I guess, for once in my life I just don't have much to say. Of course I could write a blog every day and bore the crap out of everyone. Then again, whose to say that the few entries I do make don't cause the general public to CTRL-W their browsers. Heh. Ok, let me offer something funny. A co-worker sent me a video that aired on Conan O'Brien about a puppet making fun of Star Wars fans.. You can find the absolutely *hilarious* video here. After the page loads, click the red "Play" button. WARNING!! Under no circumstances should you be eating, drinking, or engaging in any activity with which gut-busting laughter may interfere. You have been warned.

I've been looking for a song on p2p by a band called Fuse. I'm not sure of the spelling. Let me explain. I heard the song "Everything" on the radio a couple of weeks ago. I've been searching all over the Internet and p2p realm looking for the song. All my search criteria had the band's name spelled "Fuse" and I haven't had one single hit yet. Google returns nada as well. So if anyone out there has the MP3, and you send it to me, you'll get an extra special present!! Hope everyone has a great week, I'm out.

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