Settled? Well, not quite...

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We've been living in the new house for exactly a week now. It's really quite incredible. To finally own your own home is truly an accomplished feeling. Of course we're "moved", but no where near completing the "unpacking" phase. All the furniture is where it should be (for now), the computers are set up (perhaps the most important thing), and I've even purchased a lawn mower and mowed the grass already! That reminds me, buying a home is not cheap. Sure you have to lay down a lot of cash for the actual purchase, but no one really mentions how much you have to buy once you are actually *in* the house. And these are things you really have to have! Mower, weedeater, gas grill, these are necessities. However, one of the greatest, most awesome things about owning your own home is that (at least in my case) you finally have a garage to park your sportbike!!

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about writing. I have a couple of ColdFusion tutorials that need to be written and illustrated but I've not had the time to do the job right. If given a week I could probably knock out three or four of these and get them published. So, someone please tell my boss that I need time away from work in order to write. ;-) Perhaps a couple days of vacation (at home) is in order. We'll see.

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