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Yea, that's right. You're looking at him. Mr. Problem Solver Elite. I've been slaving over this ColdFusion/Flash/XML problem for three days now. Literally, it's all I've really been working on. Debugging the CF side, debugging the Flash side, and double-checking the XML portion. I was on the verge of pulling my hair out until finally, after hours and hours of brutal testing I figured out the problem. The skinny is this: Flash was calling a ColdFusion template that read three registry values. The template then output those values to the screen so Flash would receive them in the LoadVariables call. Well, the CFOUTPUT portion was incorrect (hey, I didn't write it) causing Flash to receive nothing in those three variables. Therefore, it was in an infinite script loop, causing the movie to crash. So how'd I fix it? Well, at first I faked the variable set to see if Flash would work properly with legit variables. It did. Then, I realized how totally useless the CF portion was. There was no need whatsoever of storing those three variables in the registry. They were never going to change, and would be the same across all projects. So why store them in the registry and have all the overhead of Flash calling the CF template and then CF reading the registry? So, in the end, I scrapped the registry reading and hard-coded the vars in Flash.. and wala. It works quite nicely. Go figure. Try and make something all complicated and you screw everything up. Too bad I wasn't in on this project from the start otherwise things would've been different.

So now, all the extra steps of installing the registry keys on every production server that is to run these courses are gone. Time saved, server resources saved, browser resources saved. We all win. It's accomplishing small feats like this that make programming so worthwhile. All-in-all, solving this one problem made my day. I guess that's pretty natural considering it took me three days to track it down. That's what you get working with someone elses files.. (CF, Flash, XML).

In personal news, the wife and I are getting a new kitten. She's not exactly a kitten; she's five months old. I haven't seen her yet, but I've been told she looks a lot like our other cat. She's currently at the vets recuperating after getting spayed and de-clawed. We'll bring her home on Saturday of this week. =)

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