Ever been there?

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Today started out like most every day. Got up late, got in the shower late, got to work late etc. (Hey, at least I stay late too!) Morning coffee was ok, but not perfect. So I settled in for a long day of trying to figure out this Flash/XML problem the team is having at work. Well, that didn't last long. Over and over, without relent I was interrupted. As soon as I'd get my head in my work, the phone would ring. DBA's, Project Manager's, I just couldn't seem to get anything done. Occassionally throughout the day I'd have time to actually concentrate on the problem at hand only to be hit with the fact that my copy of Flash MX hasn't come in yet. And I need it to get some things done. All that aside, it was a good day and I did manage to make some headway with the Flash/XML problem. We'll see how it goes.

In community news, the Nashville Police Department decided to let a serial killer go... on accident. Yea, can you believe that? How in the world does that happen? You'd think a serial killer would be looked after. Apparently, the guy came near our parking area and eventually got away. Just after lunch I looked out my office window and saw swat guys everywhere. K-9 unit and all were looking for this guy.. but obviously to no avail. Also, in a totally unrelated story a large rock fell from the bridge that runs over the parking garage and smashed some poor souls back windshield out. Interesting day to say the least.. and who said Nashville was without excitement?

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