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After wrestling the weblog software to the ground 4 or 5 times over the last two weeks I think I finally have some semblance of log going. Let me first say that the Greymatter software is really cool. It takes a bit of work to customize though. Simple to install and get working, but the default templates are quite terrible so some degree of customization is necessary; it's this type of customization that takes forever. The documentation on how to use Greymatter, while lengthy, was not very helpful either. I spent hours just on trial and error checking the result of the templates only to find out I screwed things up further. And think about it, I'm a web professional! If I had trouble.. sheesh, I feel sorry for the rest of the general community. Anyhow, it's good stuff and the level with which you can customize your blog is really nice. Just what I was looking for. (Aside from me building my own in ColdFusion). If you want to check out Greymatter, you can get it here. Warning!! Not for the faint of heart!!

In other news, it was recently announced that the newest Flash player (Flash Player 6) has a pretty serious security flaw in it. In the wrong hands, a developer could exploit the bug and cause harm to your computer. This is pretty easy to remedy, just head to MacroMedia's site and download the newest plugin that MacroMedia released.

I doubt my audience will really care, but I feel the need to inform the general public that MacroMedia has released the newest version of ColdFusion MX (previously dubbed Neo). The newest version, ColdFusion MX Release Candidate, is quite incredible. I was fortunate enough to be on the beta team for ColdFusion MX and as such I highly recommend it to any and all web professionals. Especially those who are already using a previous version of the ColdFusion Application Server. Within the next couple of days I'll try and take some time to write up an article on the new features of ColdFusion (I'm no longer bound by the NDA!) and post it on my main web site. Heh, the main web site by the way has been undergoing a massive makeover. I'd like to be ready to publish the new site before mid-summer, but at the rate I'm going (and due to being slammed at the office) I'm not too sure if that is feasible. Anyhow, keep checking on it and let me know if you have suggestions or comments.

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