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I'm not really sure what to call it, but in my opinion something has changed over the last year or two in rock music. Rock music has always appealed to me and so I've been following it since my teens. The 1980's had some decent rock and in the 90's things were okay as well. But what's happened recently? By recently I mean over the course of the last two years. Rock, or as some like to say "Alternative", seems to be reaching epidemic proportions. Everywhere you look some garage band makes it big and spins off a few Top-40 hit at the release of their first album. A likely conclusion to this is that much of the music sucks. After all, if everyone is producing this genre of music it would seem near impossible for each group to create their own sound, and thus carve a niche in the industry. However, it would be difficult to be further from the truth.

Back in the day, there was Aerosmith, Rush, Queen, and The Rolling Stones. Of course, I know you're thinking that this list is actually of varying types of music, and you'd be correct in that assumption. Bare with me here. Many of the 70's, 80's, and even 90's bands are history. Those that are still in existence either changed their tune (pun intended) or had previously created such a strong sound that failing seemed impossible. I only mention these older bands in order to transition into what I feel is the new sound of rock music. In a society where image is everything it seems as if the musicians are beginning to care more about what they produce than how they look! It merely seems that we're back to what counts and that to me is intriguing. Here's a couple of bands that I've been listening to lately; I highly recommend you check out their music: The Calling, Default, Puddle of Mud, Linkin Park, Fuel, Creed, Train, Staind, Nikelback, and Course of Nature. Of course there are others, in fact, here's two songs that are sitting in my playlist right now:

  • Abandoned Pools - Mercy Kiss
  • Injected - Faithless

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