And Chloe was her name-O...

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Yesterdays Mother's Day celebration went very well. Great food, great company, and nothing else on the agenda. I got to see some family that I hadn't seen since Christmas. I didn't even know they were going to be there so it was definitely a bonus. If only my brother was there, things would've been better. He was really the only immediate family member missing.. well, including his wife. It really sucks him living all the way in NJ while the rest of the family is here in TN. Anyhow, a great day overall. Oh, the wife and I also picked up the newest member of our family. Chloe, a 7-month old domestic short hair cat is now hanging out with us. It was real interesting to see Chloe interact with our other cat, Pixel. At first, they sneered and hissed at each other. It seemed as if they were not going to be friends at all. Territorial animals are weird that way. Now, having spent 24 hours together they are both starting to come around, playing together and romping around the apartment. It's great to have another cat in the house after Meg (our second cat) died.

Today, I took about 5 hours out of the schedule and rode the Ninja through some twisties. It was the first time in about a month that I really got to hit it hard. What with the 1200 mile trip I took back in April, and all this packing it's been hard to find time to ride. It's really what I needed. About midway through the ride, I was running sweep (two of my friends were riding ahead of me) and we began to negotiate this nice right hander. As I set my entrance speed I noticed that from the middle of our lane to the right sand of the road, the road appeared to be a brownish color. I really thought nothing about it as it's pretty common for the road to be discolored in the area we were. So, after setting up a fairly aggressive entrance speed I tilted the bike over with ease. Suddenly, and without warning, my front end slipped out about a foot. Nearly as soon as the front tire lost grip, it tightened up again as I had obviously ridden through whatever loose material had caused the initial problem. When the front end corrected itself, the chassis was seriously unbalanced. The rear end twitched to the outside while the front end (tightening up) went right. This sort of action by a sportbike is not good at all. It's the recipe for a highside. If you don't know what a highside is, let me attempt to explain it. Take my situation for example: A right hand turn. If I was riding through the turn and the front end started to slip towards the outside of the turn, but then regained grip on the road, the result would more than likely be a highside, where the bike throws the rider forward and into the air as the bike itself follows in the direction towards the outside of the turn. This is quite possibly the worst type of motorcycle accident one can experience. At least, as far as solo crashes go. Needless to say, I sucked about half my seat up my arse while my bike corrected itself and kept me from crashing. Crazy stuff.. One narrowly avoided highside added to my close-calls list.

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