The Bottom Line

Posted by Aaron West at 5:03 PM in Web Standards

I've been a web professional for quite some time now. Occassionally, I'm confronted by another web professional or even the casual Internet user on subjects such as: What web browser is the best? or Which web browser has the highest market share? or even Which web browser is the most standards-compliant? It's really a tireless discussion but in many cases unavoidable. Oftentimes the conversation gets heated, opinions flare, and all parties retreat without taking one positive step forward.

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10 on weblogging software...

Posted by Aaron West at 12:34 PM in Blogging

During my usual morning routine of checking the many e-Mail accounts I have I discovered Web Monkey had a tutorial on weblogging software. Being that I had recently set up this /blog I decided to check it out. Overall, an informative article on the various options to those that wish to delve into the art (yea right) of writing on the web. If you are interested, you can check out the article here.

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