I came across some very helpful links today when reading a particular thread in the private Team Macromedia area of the Macromedia Forums. MACR has released some new technotes regarding particular problems with CFMX and has updated other technotes to include more recent information. Below is a summary of the ones that I've found to be very useful and informative, especially if you are dealing with any of the issues outlined in the technotes.

ColdFusion MX: Known ColdFusion MX issues (TechNote 23464)

First and foremost, this technote deals with any open "issues" involving ColdFusionMX. If you are experiencing a problem that you think is related to the server, you can check for it in this technote. As the title of the technote hints, this technote is related to known issues for which there is no current fix. All the issues listed are being worked on and MACR is working to include fixes in subsequent CFMX updaters.

ColdFusion MX: Data source settings needed to connect to Microsoft Access databases (TechNote 23381)

Since the release of CFMX there has been a large number of users experiencing problems when trying to create Microsoft Access datasources using the ColdFusion Administrator. The problem appears to be occurring because of a change between ColdFusion5 and CFMX. Apparently, Access DSN's now require a username. For additional information on this issue, including how to set up the DSN properly, please refer to this technote.

ColdFusion MX (English only): Diagnostic JAR file for data source connection issues (TechNote 23602)

If you are having a problem creating or verifying a datasource in ColdFusionMX, a generic JDBCPool error message is shown. This error message fails to give any relevant information in regards to the actual problem. This technote provides a diagnostic JAR file you can use to enable the CFMX server to display the proper error message. According to this technote, the JAR file will be include in a future updater release.

ColdFusion MX: Documentation additions (TechNote 22993)


ColdFusion MX: Documentation updates (TechNote 22811)


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