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After many hours of reformatting content and interface edits I've uploaded v2 of TrajiklyHip. I don't have everything online yet, but a good portion of the tutorials are up. That was my main driving force in getting the site up as quick as possible. A lot of people come to TH for the tutorials and with the web site in disarray none of them have been available. All the ones online have been reformatted to fit within the new design including the new Flash navigation toolbar. I still have a few tutorials to reformat and 2 on the table to be written. The two new ones are:

  • ColdFusionMX and FlashMX - A Developers Heaven
  • Creating a Multi-page Form Using Session Variables

You can go ahead and check out the new site, and in the near future I will have this web log transformed as well as the CF Hosting site.

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