Macromedia unveils "Contribute"

Posted by Aaron West at 11:17 PM in Adobe General

It's 12am CST and I've just finished attending the private web cast for Macromedia's Contribute. What can I say, I'm excited about this product and I think it will do well for what it is designed to do. Contribute is basically a content editing program that allows non-technical people to update, edit, and otherwise create new pages on web sites. No HTML experience is required and according to Macromedia users will be up and running in minutes. Connecting to a file server (where a particular web site is located) via LAN or FTP, Contribute allows any person to modify existing web pages, or create new web pages on web sites in which they have access. Featuring such capabilities as drag-and-drop editing this product should alleviate some of the stress that both webmasters and general users experience in keeping sites updated. Check out Macromedia's Contribute product page here.

Also, read the just released news item on C|Net's web site.

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